Leeimaei لمى

Hello .. My name is Lama and i'm 18 years old .. I study Finance ..But i want to become a fashion designer i went to korea 3 times..my dream was to meet my favorite k-idols and it came true..

I'm gonna do list of the idols who i met and how i met them and where..

1-Super Junior's Lee tuek & Eunhyun(2010-Seoul) in kiss the radio

2-Dalmation (2010-Seoul) i bumped into them while walking to the hotel

3-ZE:A (2011-Dubai) i attended their fanmeeting in Dubai

4-Exo's Luhan (2012-Seoul) In coex mall .. I bumped into him in the mall and took picture with him

5-Super junior's yesung & Reywook (2012-Seoul) i met them outside Sm's Old building

6-F(x)'s Victoria and Krystal (2012-Seoul) i met them in DKNY's opening in Gangnam

7-C.n Blue's Jonghyun and Jongshin (2012-Seoul) i met them in DKNY's opening in Gangnam

8-SNSD's Tiffany (2012-Seoul) i met her in DKNY's opening in Gangnam

9-Mighty mouth (2012-Seoul) i met them in A festival

10-Super Junior-M's Henry (2013-Seoul) I met him 2 Times outside Sm's new building

11-Super Junior's Donghae (2013-Seoul) I met him outside Sm's new building

12- All the 12 Of Exo (2013-Seoul) I met them 2 Times outside Sm's new building

13-F(x)'s Amber and Krystal (2013-Seoul) I met then outside Sm's new building

14-All the 5 of F.T island (2013-Seoul) I met them outside of FNC's Building

15-AOA (2013-Seoul) I met them outside of FNC's Building

16- C-CLOWN (2014-Seoul) i met them outside their company .

17- F(x)'s Amber (2014-Seoul) i met her on the streets and took selfies with her

18-T-ara's Hyomin (2014-Seoul) i met her in KBS building and walked her to her Van

19- Boyfriend's Kwangmin (2014-Seoul) i met him In KBS building and walked him to his car (MY BIAS)

20- SMTOWN FAMILY (2014-Seoul) met them in SMTown

21-Shinee's Taemin (2014-seoul) met him In KBS

22-wonder Girls' Yenny (2014-Seoul) met her in KBS

23- Super Junior's Ryewook (2014-seoul ) i met him in Kiss the radio , met him like 5 times already

24- Eric nam (2014-seoul) met him in Kbs


I'm not lucky , i'm just working hard to make my dreams come true

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