Iris Lee

New York, Ny, Usa

Iris was born in New York City and grew up in Hong Kong. She is now a Business Management major with an interest in Finance at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. She is fluent in English and Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, and Teochew).

Both New York and Hong Kong are "dog eat dog environments", the cities are growing rapidly, and anybody will do what they need to do to succeed and the ends seems to perpetually justify the means. Growing up in these environment has made Iris belived in "survival for the fittest" and to prepare herself to adapt the competitive world.

Her Hong Kong is a melting pot of eclectic fusion, of Western and Eastern culture, that exposed her to a world reflective of where she believe our global community is evolving towards.

Iris quest for opportunites to train herself to become a successful individual ready for the challenges in life.