Jane Lee

Jane was born in South Korea. She is a girl who wants to live an ordinary life. However, in 2008, she decided to come to Canada to study English. At that time, she did not really have a passion or interest. When she was in grade 12, she had to decide a university and a department. She chose Tourism Management at Capilano University because when she was young, she had a dream that she would become a hotel manager. Yet, this passion started to fade away while she grew up. During university life, she enjoyed learning about tourism. Also, she joined a Korean club and she taught about Korean culture and how to speak Korean to students as a volunteer. The enjoyable school life had gradually disappeared because she was not really passionate about Tourism. Thus, she decided to go back to Korea to find her passion. While she stayed in Korea, she started working at a bakery. At the bakery, they sold coffee and baked good. Then, she learned how to bake and how to make coffee. In a moment, she had found what she really enjoyed. Finally, she decided to start the Baking and Pastry Art program at Vancouver Community College. Now, she is passionate about baking and making coffee. She is not really good at baking because she is a beginner. However, she is a calm and artistic person who is a good team worker and a hard worker.

  • Education
    • Vancouver Community
    • Capilano University