Lee Kirton

I am a marketing, PR, creative professional responsible for launching some of the biggest franchises in the interactive and entertainment business.

During my career I have worked with some of the biggest studios, biggest gaming releases and also worked alongside movie Directors, Producers, marketing and production teams. I have had the creative approach to innovate and assist in design, asset creation and consultancy in different areas of development, publishing and distribution businesses. I have also had the opportunity to create unique and inventive PR, marketing, stunts and events.

I have created ideas that have generated in major coverage across the world, from putting a Jet Fighter in an office car park for launch of Ace Combat Assault Horizon, to working alongside TV companies on major out of home stunts and projections. I have marketing, launched and supported the PAC-MAN franchise and developed the first ever 'Driving Theory Exam' for the Nintendo DS working alongside the DSA. Over a number of years I have come up with and built some of the most impressive and memorable events for GT Interactive, Infogrames, Atari, Warner Bros, Paramount and Bandai Namco Entertainment.

My time is made up of working for a passionate major Japanese entertainment company Directing a Marketing, PR, Community and events team which working on new innovation and ideas for the future.