Monica Laura

Nica Leelah is the graphic designer and illustrator behind Mó, the Samhain Moon blog, and LázLó tarot services. She runs a design studio based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, founded in 2010. Mónica Laura focuses on branding + systems of identity, packaging, illustration, media kits, promotional campaigns, press, and web design. Her main goal as a designer is to provide a clear visual voice through which her clients' creative problems can be solved and polished out. She aspires to leave her impression in the design world and in the society she lives in through her creative work, which she breathes life into and looks after from concept to production. Should you be interested in a price check or an exchange of ideas, please contact Mónica at To view Leelah's online portfolio, please click here. On her spare time, Leelah is found pouring her musings into diaries and sketchbooks, traveling the world, blogging, tasting champagne, cooking feasts, and learning about metaphysics.