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I love reading and will read just about anything with the exception of the New York times newspaper. I find it to be extremely large and cumbersome and my interest to see it’s contents is zero, I was born and raised in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago an island where the Tradewinds serves as an air conditioner in humid weather and one of the many paradises on earth. I find writing for me to be freeing and an escape and entry to anywhere in the world. I love being in love and I LOVE love don’t get me wrong I’m no hopeless romantic by any means… just take me on a long intimate walk pick my brain and I am at my happiest!!!!! I am very intrigued with the Victorian age and have a taste and flare for fine things. To know me isn’t necessarily to love me but to understand that I’m a complex being wrapped up in all kinds of WONDERFUL. To sum it up I live by two mantras

1. Jump off the edge of a mountain and get wings along the way!

It is my number 1 go to in anything I’m indecisive about.

2. I dance to the beat of my own drum and will only change the rhythm if it is profitable and necessary.

My number 2, reminds me that my life can be altered and I do have a part to play in how it all ends.

Just a glimpse of who Leeleewhite the Cinderella blogger is…WELCOME TO MY PAGE, WELCOME TO MY PLAYGROUND!