Lee Libro

Sarasota, Florida

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Always a seeker and student at heart, my style crosses between realism and the fantastic, images which are merely a reflection of my own inner reality or the vision my client wishes me to portray in order to help bring their books to life. I paint mostly in acrylics and in watercolor, draw in colored pencil and India ink and also am proficient in digital media both in formatting of text and creation of graphics for publication. I design book covers, create website elements, provide illustration and other graphic services to authors and also dabble in surface design, creating fabrics, wallpaper, and fun designs on gift merchandise.

I'm a self-taught artist working in both traditional and digital media. I'm also a fiction writer with my first novel published, and a three-part YA series as well as a children's picture book in the works. I hold a B. A. degree in English from the University of Connecticut and have worked in advertising and marketing communications, editing of foreign language translations and currently marketing management. Following my heart and hands, however, I've transitioned my art and illustration work into a livelihood.