Lee Ling Yang

Vancouver, b.c. Canada

Lee Ling Yang

Vancouver, b.c. Canada


I am a Client Account Service Representative atWaterTrax, a cloud based, SaaS data management software that help utilities and municipalities automate data collection.

I am involved with all post-sales activities after a new account is acquired, from onboarding, training, engagement, which leads to advocacy and expansion. Currently, I manage 75+ accounts across North America and ensure that our software is helping them achieve success within their organization.My favorite tasks are:


Born with a curious mind about how things work, I spent 5+ years studying Biology. I was fascinated with cells, genes and things that cannot be observed without a microscope.

What I enjoyed most is the scientific approach to asking questions, scrutinizing data, and finding a creative approach to address the questions.

After graduating with a Master degree in Biology, I discovered my interest in entrepreneurship and bringing innovations to the market. I then worked as a Program Assistant at an incubator, which provides support to entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, I volunteered at forums where entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to investors. Curious about what makes an idea appealing, I found my passion in the "Science of Marketing".

Interestingly, the research and analytical skills I gained from years of scientific training proved to be extremely valuable to my current role in marketing - a profession that requires me to discovering useful information that supports decision making and leads to new ideas.


The transition from school to the workforce was not easy, and I was very fortunate to receive support from many mentors. So, I feel compelled to help those who are walking the same path as I did.

I sat on the board of a non-profit that support girls and women, called the Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology.

As the Director of Immigrant Women in Science, I coached a team of multi-cultural volunteers to organize events on career and personal development.

  • Education
    • Master of Biology (The University of British Columbia)