Mitchell Carstensen

Twice a week I go to a fantastic little massage place in the neighborhood, and right next door is a tiny Indian restaurant. The meals constantly smells delicious when I stroll by, and the owner excitedly waves at passersby. But there's a cause why I've by no means gone in and provided it a chance...

The restaurant is often empty!

When I walk by, I always think, "Hmm, possibly I will try that location for takeout 1 night." But in 5 years I in no way have. I always finish up going two doors down to the bustling Chinese location or the sushi spot with the line out the door - even though I have to usually wait 20 minutes for my food to be prepared.

What's even funnier is that the food at these locations isn't even fantastic, but I keep considering I need to be missing anything considering that so many other people like it!

The saying is true... no 1 wants to consume at a restaurant exactly where there are no cards parked outdoors.

We all go by the feeling of "safety in numbers" and appear for what some men and women contact "social proof" that anything is great or operates ahead of we try it.

This is why it's really crucial to use testimonials on your website, brochures, and advertising supplies, and even in your talks and teleseminars.

And it really is even Much more crucial for men and women like us whose firms don't have parking lots. It really is up to US to show prospects they will not be the first person ever to employ us or get our products!

Easy idea, yes, but a lot of individuals overlook to use it in their marketing and advertising. (Even I neglect at times, too.) But it is really critical. Whether or not conscious or subconscious, seeing testimonials for a solution or service tends to make us feel "safe" when deciding to acquire.

But please bear in mind the big difference among a good testimonial and a lame one. Let's appear at two examples:

Example 1: "I've actually enjoyed becoming a portion of Alexandria Brown's Gold Mastermind program and have identified it great value for the income." - E.B.

This one's all proper, says nice issues, and gives the person's initials. Dilemma is, there are no actual *results* shared here, and making use of initials-only leaves doubt about the authenticity of the testimonial.

Example 2: (and a real one particular, as well!): "Since joining Alexandria Brown's Gold & Platinum Mastermind programs final yea