Kelley Joyner

If you have subscribed to a search engine optimization publication for longer than the usual week, you're well aware that writing articles with tips and advice relating to your website's subject is a superb way to generate links and traffic. But what if you can maybe not write or are afraid to write? Well, if you can write software, you're still in luck! In this essay I will show a key to you that may still garner you countless links and won't require you know the difference between adjectives and adverbs.

I will use my own small website for instance (I freely admit that I am neither a web designer nor a designer). My partner and I own By Request DJ & Karaoke Company. Certainly, we focus on weddings dances, school dances, company events, and karaoke. We recently had the procedure of converting all our Cd-s to compressed digital audio tracks which are performed from a computer rather than hauling around thousands of CDs. Along the way of ripping and encoding our music, I found several jobs were very repetitive and frustrating. Because I know a smattering of Visual Basic, it was easy to create an application to automate these tasks. I thought that when it was helpful to me, another DJ may find it helpful to, so I called my application MP3G to ZIP and made it available for download from my website. I also decided to send it to a few freeware websites just so it was better to find.

What happened astonished me. Most of the links to my web site from these freeware websites began showing up in Google. Given the name of my company and the points of my freeware applications, this helped raise my site for some very aggressive keywords. I chose to send my pc software to a couple more directories, and that is when I found two very convenient tools: PAD documents and RoboSoft.

A PAD file is just a 'Portable Ap-plication Description, and it can help experts give product descriptions and specifications to online resources in a standard way, utilizing a standard data structure that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings.' It requires the tedium out of submitting your software to a huge selection of websites by helping you to enter the URL to your software information as opposed to retyping all of the information for every submission. It had been produced by the Association of Shareware Professionals ( and is a free utility. To explore additional information, you are ab