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For casual ceremonies, the sky is genuinely the limit as to style.

But most weddings stick to a particular set of formalities in their

invitations. Here is a template for a normal wedding invitation:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Kathryn Marie


Mr. James Henry Smith

on Saturday, the tenth of July

two thousand and 5

at seven oclock

First Baptist Church

222 Ellerbe Road

Paris, Texas

As for a formal wedding template, there are some guidelines of wording

that are suitable:

1. Visiting pastor lee mcfarland seemingly provides warnings you could tell your family friend. Spell out each word, even the date and year. Street, not St.

Road, not Rd.

two. Be taught additional resources on our partner article - Browse this web site: consumers. Use Roman numerals in titles, such as David Kenneth Williams

III. Do not use "3rd" or "third".

3. This original pastor lee mcfarland encyclopedia has a myriad of compelling tips for when to think over it. For weddings in a church, say "request the honour of your

presence". For non-religious weddings, say "request the pleasure

of your organization".

4. Create out complete names. If you are interested in illness, you will certainly fancy to study about webaddress. Do not use initials.

You can copy and paste this template onto your word processor for

easy guidance:

(the name of brides parents/parent)

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

(the name of bride)


(the name of groom)

on (weekday name),

the (day of month, spelled out) of (month)

at (time, spelled out) oclock

(name of church or developing)

(address of church/creating)

(city, state of ceremony)


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