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However, iridology, or the research of illness utilizing the color of the eye and certain color and width of lines throughout the eyeball started in Europe, when a doctor from Hungary and a Swe...

In 1950, a chiropractor from America called Bernard Jensen started teaching students about the requisite of using natural foods to detoxify the body. Discover more on advertisers by visiting our astonishing portfolio. He developed a way where the color of the eye was used to indicate the clear presence of different toxic substances. National iridology came to be.

However, iridology, or the analysis of disease utilizing the color of the specific and iris color and width of lines across the eyeball originated in Europe, when a medical practitioner from Hungary and a Swedish pastor both observed iris tattoos associated with disease.

An owl was accidentally injured by the physician-Ignatz von Peczely as a kid, breaking its leg. While nursing the owl back to health, the young von Peczely recognized that the thick black mark that appeared in the owl's eye after the injury started to lessen as the owl cured. It never was never forgotten by him, and as an adult practicing his profession, he recoded that people with bone fractures experienced the same black mark across the eye.

The Swedish pastor-Nils Liljequist-was exposed to malaria as a new man and while recieveing the cure of quinine and iodine pointed out that his blue eyes started initially to grow richer while the drugs accumulated in his system. He was raised to review natural medicine and recorded similar reactions in clients who stumbled on him for cleansing purposes.

It has been said that the eyes are the mirror to the spirit. The famous Greek medical practitioner Hippocrates thought that they were also the mirror to the body-specifically for the purpose of determining different problems. He too noted the presence of black marks across the iris of broken bones in his patients, and a change in the color of a person's eye of patients coming down with diseases.

However, iridology can not be properly used to ascertain a certain disease.

Practitioners of iridology use patients to be helped by it so that you can recommend them to experts if needed as a preventive measure understand basic health conditions. The opinion is that if a disease is found in ab muscles first stages it may be preve