Hartman Bengtson

1) Spend some time with Jesus Christ every single day. I cannot stress that enough for the success minded Christian. So frequently we devote our time working on things that have no bearing on our future christian success (nor any current success value) since we havent take-n the time to understand and focus what Jesus Christ needs for our lives and our success. 2) Study the Word and find what the most effective five (or six) christian success points in your life must be. For example, for you it might be: Christ, spouse, kids, work, retirement. For another, it may be: Christ, an interest, work, pension, missions work. And for yet another: Christ, spouse, work, a hobby, conditioning. For every of you, christian achievement things could be just a little different in the number four, 5, or (6) places, nevertheless the first two or three are probably Christ and family. When you know your success things, you are ready for stage 3) 3) Produce a progress plan for each of your regions of leading success priority. You should be further along and better adapted in each of these areas today than you're, when you examine your daily life half a year from now, specially in these areas of success priority. Seem right back six months ago. Perhaps you have improved in every one of your success priority areas? Or even, you must take action. Today! 4) Look for a christian success advisor. That success teacher should be an individual who might be concerned mainly for your personal growth in these regions of success concern. This should perhaps not be some one who is an equivalent with you---someone who also confides in you. This should become a one-way street. They should be able to be controlled by your success priorities, help you create a game plan for achieving them, and be able to criticize you when you arent following your game plan. To get different interpretations, please consider checking out: advertisers. As a result of that, they should probably not be someone with whom you're close mentally, just like a companion or spouse. They should be a more neutral party, perhaps someone from the small group course at church or someone recommended to you by your pastor. 5) Break every one of your success goals down into individual goal methods. These steps ought to be little enough that you can focus on that one-step at a time and they shouldnt be way too hard to perform separately, and yet when you've done all the