Lee McFatridge (Mac)

Media Specialist and Teacher in Georgia

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Hello! My name is Lee McFatridge. My students just call me Mr. Mac and most everyone else calls me Mac. Right now, I am the Media Specialist at Cedar Ridge Elementary. We are the largest elementary school in Columbia County. Our population is close to 1,200 K - 5 students.

I moved to Augusta, GA from Johnson City, TN about a year after graduating from high school. I worked as an EMT/Paramedic for 18 years, was the Lead Pastor for a Jefferson County church from 2000-2006. Shortly after that I decided to pursue my degree in Early Childhood Education.

I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010 and started in Pre-K and 1st grade. Then I spent a few years in 5th grade.

In 2016, I was named Teacher of the Year for North Harlem Elementary. That summer I was also nominated for and received a Hero Award in Education from the American Red Cross.

I have graduated from Georgia Southern in the M.Ed. program for Instructional Technology and now adding the Media Specialist certificate. As well as working toward this I am teaching full-time and running the learning commons for all of these students and faculty.

My goals as a Media Specialist have not changed from what started me on my path with ITEC. My goals were then to get more involved with teaching and directing technology as it pertains to education. In my school, I am that one “go to guy” when it comes to people having technology issues or wanting to know more about either their own tech or the tech possibilities in their class. That isn't a brag or pat on my back! I feel I am pretty strong in some areas, but sometimes I have to stumble through things in order to be able to help and direct. So if this is how they look at me, I knew I to get more skilled and educated. I have always been one of those “techies”, however, I want to dive deeper and learn more so I can provide more. This learning will never stop because technology changes so fast.

I continue with this quest now that I teach not only reading and information gathering skills but STEM to all grade levels. This is my second year as Media Specialist and although I leave exhausted every day, I really do love what I do.