Lee Minshull

Lee Minshull is a distinguished figure in the numismatist world and acts as a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) and the American Numismatics Association (ANA). Lee Minshull acquired his first rare coin as a young boy of 11 and began devoting himself to the hobby shortly thereafter.

As a high school student, Lee Minshull strived to remain aware of climate shifts in the multi-faceted world of numismatics and used this knowledge to his financial benefit. When the market price of silver began to rise, he began trading paper currency for coins and then marketing the metal goods to silver retailers. In addition to using his natural knack for the industry to his own benefit, His hard work garnered him the sought-after title of Outstanding Young Numismatic of the Year in 1978 at the age of 18.

Currently, Lee Minshull oversees the staff and operations of his own venture, Lee Minshull Rare Coins, Inc. Located in Rolling Hills, California, the business employs a well-educated team of professionals with a century of collective purchasing experience. Passionate about raising awareness of the numismatic world as well as garnering capital, Lee Minshull and his associates regularly contribute their scholarly expertise to eager readers. Their research and insight is featured in 30 reputed journals, and has contributed to the authors of 12 books on coins.

Lee Minshull, founder and head of the firm, is an expert who has contributed for over 25 years his knowledge to the United States Coins Red Book. An avid traveler and reader, Lee Minshull frequently takes trips with his son and wife of 16 years, and he enjoys the works of authors Robert Ludlum and Alistair Maclean.