Louisa Stephanus

Wichita Falls, TX

Age: 24 years old

Skills: Illustration / Animation, original matte painting, Microsoft Office, trilingual

Art Background: High School art classes, Illustration course in LAGCC 2007, self-taught by mom, cousin and fellow artists along the way

Art Style: realism, semi-realism, fantasy, animation

Media Used: colour pencils, Sharpie / Microns ink pens, pastels, watercolours

** Due to the limited time and lack of resources, I stick with traditional media. More personal, I think.**

Likes: Art, Website Design, Traveling, Making Money, Administration & Management

Dislikes: Boredom, idleness, sunflowers, chicken liver, dogs, milk, vodka, gin & tonic, slow internet, DAQs* (Dumb Ass Questions)

  • Work
    • United States Air Force
  • Education
    • BA in Geography, concentration in ArcGIS and weather