Lee Neelson

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lee Neelson is a finance student at the University of Malaya in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. He likes to read, loves to write and study financial and business models working in economy in today's age. He has interned at a couple of places and that has resulted in a lot of knowledge that he has gained from all of these places.

Currently he is an intern at iMoney ( http://www.imoney.my/credit-card ) and is learning a lot on how credit cards are used in Malaysia and what are the key factors behind them. The company is a financial portal that allows users to make comparison such as prepaid credit cards and then chose the product that best suits their needs.

It is founded by a young entrepreneur Ching, who has revolutionised the ways marketing and banking is done.

  • Work
    • iMoney
  • Education
    • MBA in progress