Lee Ngo

Filmmaker in Portland, OR

Lee Ngo

Filmmaker in Portland, OR

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Lee Ngo is a filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon driven to create inclusive, engaged communities with the power of storytelling through education, film, technology.

He currently is a founder of EAST Films, a Vietnam-based company aiming to elevate the quality and reach of Southeast Asian cinema on the global stage.

Lee previously served as Chief Operating Officer of the Greater Foundation, a non-profit that develops and executes STEM-themed educational programs for underrepresented youth communities, combining sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Lee also served as National Data Science Evangelist at Metis, which accelerates the careers of data scientists by providing immersive bootcamps, evening courses, online resources, and corporate programs.

He was also an active member of the Startup Weekend and Startup Week communities, working for UP Global and served as co-organizer of events in Pittsburgh and Seattle.

Lee was the evangelist for the Seattle Galvanize campus, a learning community for technology that provides education, workspace, and networking for aspiring professionals.

Lee also founded of Scholar Hero, an education startup that aimed to improve collaborative experiences.

When he finds the time, Lee writes and draws in his Medium. He is now looking for opportunities to support other organizations that align with his ongoing mission.

  • Education
    • Yale University
    • University of California, irvine