Lee Nomell

contractor in Judea, New Zealand

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LeeNomell is the managing director of KiwiSpout NZ Ltd, a one stop shop specialising in spouting and roofing in Tauranga. Equippedwith 10 years of experience in all aspects of roofing, carpentry and continuousspouting, he built KiwiSpout from the ground up. Starting the business inTauranga and eventually extending to Opotiki and Rotrua, Lee quickly developedthe company into a reputable roofing and spouting business.

ForLee, quality workmanship is the secret to his success. Together with his team,he strives to deliver quality results and strives to be a game changer in theindustry. According to the team leader ofroofing specialists,"Servicecoupled with quality is what makes us successful.”

Togetherwith his partner Dave Geary, Lee strives to provide exceptional customerservice and top notch workmanship.

Whennot working to improve roofs or spouts, Lee spends his time on the rocks andshores of Karewa, Motiti and Mayor. He also takes occasional trips to theWaiheke Island to enjoy fishing and diving. Paddle boarding, surfing andkayaking top his list of favourite water recreational activities.

Leeinvites home and property owners alike to have all their roofing needsaddressed by their team. Together with his qualified and skilled crew, Lee isready to offer professional service with a smile. Interested clients cancontact him by calling at 0800 K SPOUT or 07 571 5247. They can also send him an email atlee@kiwispout.co.nz.