Lee Powers

Who is Lee Powers? I'm a self-starter with nearly a decade of experience in the web site and web design industry. An innovative programmer and systems architect Mr. Powers I'm an expert in PHP, MySQL, C#, JQuery, .NET, SQL Server, XML, JSON, AJAX, Flash, CSS and a host of web technologies. I began my career in programming at the age of 10: hacking together a modified MS DOS kernel to create customized commands and writing simple, useful programs in GW-BASIC. Later on, I began exploring burgeoning web technogloies of HTTP, HTML, Javascript and ASP. The next step was building web sties for various businesses, include web retail (ecommerce), real estate, game/entertainment companies and many, many more. As time has progressed I moved into a host new technologies from programming web-based games in Flash to designing and coding educational software systems to building web-aware desktop applications. All these accomplishments are built around the ideals of simplicity in design and ease of use. Aside from technological prowess the major skills I bring to a project are: excellent troubleshooting abilities; a desire to learn, listen & collaborate; and conceving & building innovative technical solutions.

Lee Powers Web Developer & Web Designer