Lee Pullen

Marin County, California, United States

I started my career 16+ years ago as a mental health counselor at the Institute on Aging. It was a great experience that helped pave the way for a career as a social worker. Soon after, I began working for Marin County’s Adult Services where my career expanded over 10 years of service. During this time, I held various managerial positions that helped grow my career beyond what I could imagine.

In 2009, an opportunity arose with the County of Santa Clara. Knowing that I was the right person for the job, I made myself available for the position and was appointed Director of Aging and Adult Services. The position was very challenging, yet very rewarding.

In Santa Clara, I led community-wide planning and policy development, sponsored state public guardian legislation aimed at elder abuse protections, and collaborated with various non-profits, municipalities, and healthcare organizations to build long-term services for elders.

After 4 years, I felt the need to go back where my career began. In 2013, I was welcomed back to Marin County as the new Senior Manager for Aging and Adult Services as well as the Director of the Area Agency of Aging (AAA).

It’s been exciting to be back and working with a strong network of volunteers and members that serve on the Commission of Aging. Marin County is known for its supportive Board and dedicated staff, committed residents, and supportive partnerships. With that said, I’m proud to be a part of the Marin community once again and working toward an age-friendly, livable community for all.