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Going to the Middle East and not indulging in the memorable Abu Dhabi overnight desert safari is like an incomplete vacation. The world goes to the night desert safari with Bedouin camping and if you forget about it, it would be a total waste of your vacation, wouldn’t it? But what are the elements that make your desert safari, an affair to remember.

Is it the land cruiser ride, is it the desert safari trip to the camel farm or the stay at the tents? It could also be the traditional Arab hospitality that makes your trip a memorable experience. Are these the thoughts that are crossing your mind right now?

If the answer to this question is yes, you are still unaware of the key element that makes your desert safari a great experience. Overnight desert safari and camping, evening and morning desert and much more are included. Of course the facilities and arrangement are important. However, it is the presence of a good and knowledgeable desert safari guide that decides the outcome of your trip.