Robert Lee

Hello my name is Robert Lee and I go to Beechwood Elementary school. I am a student in IB prep-stem lab. My teacher is Mr.Diaz. In this class I did many things related to technology and IB for example,the Bridge project, the 20% project, the mathematician, and the No Bull project. These projects took along time to do but it was worth the time and effort to do. This class is an IB class and a stem class because we work all about IB and Stem. We use computers, laptops, and printers to help use. Mr.Diaz works hard for me and everybody he takes the time to help us in class and outside of school. In this class stem is every where we do science, technology, and math. That is stem. Stem is all focused in this class to help us all around. It helps us in everything we do in school. In STEM we put all of our subjects into one class. Its hard and difficult but it is all woth it at the end. But the most hardest is IB because we do not do this that often but even though that this class is very difficult all around science, technology,engenering, and math it is still my favorite class all around.