L.S. Broomfield

I live in God's country--Labrador. I wasn't born there but it's where my family and I call home.

I was born in Corner Brook, NL and raised in a small community on the Northern Penninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, called Hawkes Bay. As a child I always wanted to write. I didn’t have any predilection of what to write as long as I was writing I was happy.

I remember fondly growing up and travelling to Flower’s Cove to visit family and letting my imagination soar as the pen sketched across the paper. Mind you, at a young age, it was perhaps mostly incoherent thoughts tossed across the pages but still for all, it was a desire even then to write.

Then I met this amazing group of individuals that completely stoked the embers of my creativity and reminded me how amazing it felt to write again after so many years of letting life take over.

It was through these individuals and the support they have continued to show me that I was brave enough to write and let people read. Writing is one thing but allowing others to read the words you spent hours putting to paper is entirely another thing. It opens you wide to both praise and criticism. It’s a scary feeling yet wonderfully exciting.

I have many to thank for helping me to be where I am but none of this would have been possible without the support of my husband, Shawn, and my amazing kids, Brittany, Daniel and Jacob. These people fill my world with color and make it worth writing—they enable what I love to do.