Lee Sammartino

Web Developer, Consultant, and Filmmaker in San Diego, California

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I have an incredible life with an awesome family, crazy kids, phenomenal wife, the coolest parents, and best friends. Everything that I have done in my life, the good, bad, & the ugly, has shaped the person I am today both personally and professionally.

Growing up, my Father always said to me “it takes you 10 bloody noses before you learn your lesson!” He was right and I wouldn’t trade one of those bloody noses for anything in the world. As a typical kid growing up in the 80’s, football, baseball, and basketball were part of my everyday life, but so was BMX where I raced 3-5 days per week, was #1 in Connecticut, #27 nationally, and earned a spot on the US National Team at the World’s in England when I was 13. After 16 years of aggressive skiing (steeps, cliffs, & bumps) and 8 knee surgeries, including 3 ACL’s, I had decided to listen to my Dad, play it safe and pursue aerial sports, namely skydiving and BASE Jumping. Because of these sports, I have traveled to places I never would have gone otherwise, met incredible people that I never would have met, been exposed to cultures that I never would have been exposed to, and felt what most of the world can only dream of, “the feeling of human flight.”

Professionally, I develop and deliver innovative engagements that create emotional bonds between brands and their audience in physical, online, & mobile environments. The best part of my career is the constant change. One day, I will sit as a design consultant for retail stores or creating event based marketing strategies, the next I am working with Grammy Award-Winning recording artists building and promoting online marketing platforms, only to wake up the next day and run teams of developers turning static books into interactive tablet and mobile stories, or developing mobile / tablet games and applications.

Life…Is good!

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    • Consumer Experience Strategy
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    • Northeastern University