Shania Lee

Fashion is my big part of my life, I'm constantly reading the latest Vogue magazines to keep up with the newest clothing trends.

I love making my own clothing and accessories, by buying fabrics and materials and creating outfits from them.

To inpsire myself when it comes to creating clothes I take pictures of flowers and the interior of cars as I think they can often influence fashions.

In the future I would like to start my own fashion line, beginning with lingerie before moving onto dresses and handbags. It is my dream to become a global fashion name. I intend to become a success but without the fame. It would be a dream to walk down the steet seeing people wearing clothes I'd designed without knowing who I am.

Getting pampered in the beauty spa is one of the ways I like to relax. Facials, manicures, pedicures, messages, visiting the sauna are all ways I like to unwind.

My grandma inspired me to become a fashion designer by making me woolly tops when I was cold in winter even though I had lots of clothes.