Lee Somerhalder

marketing in Atlanta, Georgia

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Lee Somerhalder brings 14 years of B2B experience building incredibly lean methodologies that propagate rapid sales growth and drive brand identity. His startup was accepted into University of Texas’ Austin Technology Incubator and later went on to secure funding with DLA Piper’s exclusive Venture Pipeline program. Most importantly, Lee loves to mountain bike, is shamelessly competitive, and has successfully co-created his first son, Jaxon.

In a previous life, Lee has been employed in almost every corner of the music industry. He has managed and consulted dozens of national touring artists, booked over 500 private and public events, and even performed at hundreds of shows as a resident DJ. While in Flagstaff, AZ he attained a marketing degree from Northern Arizona University, studying marketing, e-marketing, and finance. "He has both a creative and business savvy mind and can quickly adapt to his environment". Mr. Somerhalder also has five years of experience as a publicist where he has designed, created and sold large scale marketing projects for private clients. Current Mantra: test and promote the boundaries of online innovation within the music industry.

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    • Northern Arizona University