Sung Lee

Student in Beijing, China

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Hey! Thanks for visiting this page!

I'm Sung, a rising Senior at the International School of Beijing. Just by the way, I'm the guy wearing the blue hoodie in the middle of the photo!

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, amateur marketer, and an assiduous believer in the fact that anyone's passion can make an impact on the world. I'm passionate about being happy, meeting new people, making and drinking pour over coffee, and composing short melodies.

One thing that defines who I am is my relentless passion for social enterprise and its mission to dedicate its efforts to charity. In that sense, my end goal is to make a positive change and impact on the world, if not, the community in which I'm exposed to. Ultimately, I hope to become an entrepreneur who can change the world in some positive way.

I founded an Business Charity Organization called Donate Your Passion (DYP) in 10th grade, in hopes of utilizing students' diverse passions to make an impact on the Chinese community. Please check out our DYP website by clicking the above button!