Lee Turley

Software Engineer, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in Dudley, United Kingdom

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This is my first venture on this platform so forgive the lack of intelligent content and the paucity of wit. I will try to improve as time passes.

I recently found this picture and it is by far the best looking picture that has been shot of me so if you follow any of my links, you will see it engraved on every social media platform available is and maybe even on bill boards in the Black Country area. To say it’s going viral would be an exaggeration – more bacterial.

My liver is currently on gardening leave after 30 years of abuse from alcohol which culminated in me falling from the top stair to the hallway floor using my face as a virtual airbag. I will no doubt publish the picture on this site as for some reason I am proud of the picture but extremely embarrassed about the action.

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