Lee Wainwright

Preston, Lancashire


I live in Preston with my wife Sarah, to whom I proposed marriage on our first date... she accepted of course, We also provide free bed and board to our last remaining chicklet Lewis age 14. Our first son is off conquering the world in the name of rampant consumerism for a large UK retailer

I've been here for twenty five years but i'm still a liverpool lad at heart.

My background is in IT, right across sales, support and process management. I have a borderline encyclopaedic knowledge of IT hardware and technologies and have always found success locating parts and systems which are in demand and finding customers for them.

I'm also a frustrated writer with a book that's nearly ready to be flogged to a publisher for the £1M it will take to finance renovations on our house in France. Thanks for looking!

  • Work
    • Green IT Disposals in Altrincham, Cheshire
  • Education
    • Runshaw College