Lee Zhi Fei

I'm Lee Zhi Fei (JakeL168), 20, currently a student at Multimedia University, Malaysia. Aspire to become an awesome game designer and developer. My big dream is to get a solid income through game development and live in Japan. I know it's not gonna be easy, but I'll still try my best to achieve that dream as soon as possible.

I spent most of my free time doing game development, and freelances in game programming. Not that I don't have a "better" things to do, but game development is the hobby I enjoyed the most. When I'm not doing any of those, I write a blog to document my game development notes and experience at jakel168.blogspot.com, in hope that it may help people, other than me, to understand how various things in games works. If you wanna try my game, you can go to my portfolio at jakel168.weebly.com.

Some people may ask, why Japan? Well, I'm huge fan of Japanese anime, manga and games (aren't we all?). And through various JRPG and Japan-themed game (Persona, SMT, Tales), I've started to fall in love with the beauty of its culture and society, which in this case, video games (and animation) does influence people... in a good way. :)