I like the idea of using what you've got. I happen to have had an iPhone4 in my pocket and a love for photography. I quickly realized that when you put the two together - a whole new world opens up. Cue iPhoneography.

Having a natural curiosity for the world, iPhoneography allows me to explore myself, those around me, places and objects through a whole different lens, literally

I enjoy street photography; capturing moments we would otherwise miss; I thrive on creating abstract images from faces or the body, and travel photography is also where a lot of my work has been focused.

Beyond this; I love cilantro. I study international peace and conflict. I heart Rottweilers. My crash pad below a big boulder is where I feel at complete peace. The sound of a violin soothes my soul. I am fascinated with Basque and Catalan politics. And in true West Coast fashion - I am a proud cowhugger.

I am available for new projects and my current work, which is available for purchase, is posted on several of the following sites below.