Legaci Street Team


Name: Melissa D. Eagle


Location:St. Joseph, MI





Drink:diet coke

Music:allArtist(s):Donny Osmond-Rick Nelson-BonJovi-Barry Manilow-Jesse McCartney-Justin Bieber-50's&60's artist &...LEGACI makes my heart meltTV Show(s):The Big Bang Theory-HIMUM-NCIS(both)-Last Man Standing

Song(s):12th of never-I'll be there for you-Christmas musicMovie(s):The objsct of my offection & any Christmas movie out there!

Sport(s):ALLHoliday:Christmas-but I love all holidays

Hobbies:Jewelry making(hope to make it a living) apperal cutomizing


Why do you like Legaci? They have the best voices! and are THE NICEST!

How did you discover/hear about Legaci: with Justin

Do you have a favorite member? If so, who? I love them all, but......MICAH!!! he made it a point to spend time with us EVERY show we went to-even when he wasn't feeling well

What is your favorite YouTube cover Legaci has done? hard to say...they make my heart melt with every song, and just make me smile

How many times have you seen the guys in person? 4-except Jay...can't wait to meet him!!

Where do you see Legaci in 5 yrs? 10 yrs? etc.

If you could, ask the guys anything, what would it be? when are you coming to my "neck of the woods?"