Legacy Investment & Management

Legacy's innovative ideas include an Association Benefits Program which assists homeowners in need, awards monthly prizes, and donates funds to numerous charities. Legacy also provides community association management, which includes administrative, facility, and financial services. Additionally, the company is experienced in business development and consulting. Legacy Investment and Management possesses an experienced team of professionals who offer general brokerage services and assistance in property management and leasing.

Delivering exemplary facility maintenance services, Legacy offers comprehensive property management. Providing commercial cleaning services and staffing solutions, the company has worked with an array of markets and sites including retail, government, public, corporate, and academic venues. Practicing an environmentally conscious approach, the company's novel Greener is Cleaner Program helps to promote and maintain community health. Legacy employs Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified chemicals, procedures, and tools. Clients who have used the Greener is Cleaner Program have benefited by attracting new residents while increasing property values.

Committed to its clients, Legacy utilizes its team's experience in a variety of industries and areas. The firm's executives regularly attend the Homeowners Association Conference in Prince George's County and volunteer with the Community Association Institute. Legacy has earned national recognition for its expertise and service, and has been featured by USA Today, Forbes, Business Week, and Living the Life Magazine. The company partners with several cities and groups to offer advice and speak about a wide range of Homeowner Association issues.