Legally Latin

The concept of “Legally Latin” came to fruition after an unexpected life experience. I, Zoila Inofuentes, the founder and owner of Legally Latin, while shopping with my mother at a Macy’s in the summer of 2007, was approached by a stranger yelling, “Oh for God’s sake!... Speak ENGLISH. ENGLISH!!!” What the stranger did not realize was that we were speaking English. I'm a native of Washington, D.C. Mom migrated to the US from El Salvador. My real father (who I never really knew) migrated from Bolivia. Both parents became professionals in their own right, legally. After their divorce, my mother later remarried a man from El Salvador, who joined the US Army to show appreciation and loyalty to his new country. This is my Dad...the only father I grew to love. English was the dominant language at home. Particularly during the 8 years my family lived abroad on military bases. Upon our return to the United States, we realized we've fellan behind on our Spanish. My two brothers and I made it our mission to re-learn Spanish and become more involved in the Latin/Hispanic community in the Baltimore, Maryland area. “Legally Latin” is meant to deliver a message. The lingoes printed on the T-shirts are not aimed to be political or rebellious. The goal is for people to wear Legally Latin clothing with pride. Latinos should be proud of who they are and where they are from. Of course, it helps to know you will look good wearing our shirts!