legal mitra

Mitra Foundation is a 'non-for-profit' organization dedicated to enabling the society to speak in its own voice about its concerns & needs so that policy making is not limited to just a privileged few but is a truly democratic process. 'Legal mitra' is a pioneer organization in the field of law and legal awareness. We are driven by the mission to 'bring law to life' because Law is the primary architect of socio- political change.

Let us make law simpler...


Mitra Foundation was formed in 2009.

To create a platform for a large number of Indian population (more than 95%) to create access the government /departments/laws /institutions /agencies made for all of them.

Vision Mission

What would have otherwise gone unnoticed to the world at large become a visual testimony to all.


Legalmitra magazine first issue was published in June 2010.

To create legal awareness and add colors to law.


For free and independent legal consultancy.