Student and Artist in Connecticut

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Hi I'm Cybella, but you can just call me Bella if you prefer! I go by she/her pronouns. My interests change from time to time, ranging from Shin Megami Tensei, Bandori, Love Live (not as much), Pokémon, Pokéspe, and horror rpgs. I'm socially awkward, and sometimes don't know how to respond to people, but don't hesitate to talk to me!

I pretty much try to like everyone! It's pretty hard to get on my bad side.

But, please don't follow me if you:

- can't stand me expressing/ranting about my feelings

- hate all of the things i mentioned liking

- judge people for their sexual orientation, appearance, or gender expression/identification

- use 'autistic' as an insult, or other things along those lines. (There's plenty of other insults you can use that are more appropriate)

If something I post ever offends you, let me know!

Kins/IDs/Comfort Characters:


Haru Okumura - This one is very important!

Platinum (Pokéspe)


Sun (Pokéspe)

Q84 (Hello Charlotte)

Moca Aoba

Lack-Two (Pokéspe)

Ruby (Pokéspe)

Teddie (human, Persona 4)

Whi-Two (Pokéspe)

Comfort Characters:

All counterparts of Touya from Pokémon

All counterparts of Touko from Pokémon

Morgana (P5)

Kokoro Tsurumaki

Yosuke Hanamura

Riko Sakurauchi

Eli Ayase

Bennett (Hello Charlotte)

Felix (Hello Charlotte)