James M.

The Best Thing Yet To Come

Im Weird... I Dont Believe In Normal + * IM EXCLUSIVE*

Hey What's Up Everybody :). Your Probably Thinking Who I Am, & I'm Going To Tell You That Right Now. My Name Is James Murphy. I Was Born In Miami, Florida But I Currently Live In The DMV. I Love To Play Video Games, Marketing And Shopping Of Course. I Love Snapbacks, & Beenies. My Kind Of Style Is Hip Hop, Urban, & Retro. I Enjoy Doing A Lot Of Things With My Time, But Mostly Making Videos & Social Media. I Guess You Could Say I'm Just A Simple Guy, But There's More To Me You Just Don't Know. I Stand At 6'3 Im Slim Fit!! I'm A Shy Person At First But When You Get To Know The Real Me, I'm Energetic, Hyper, Silly, Weird, & Fun To Be Around.

... (TO BE CONTINUED...) Kik: UrbanMurf