Debbie A. Leggett

Student in Michigan

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I am a sociolinguist, philosopher, lifelong resident of the Detroit area, traveler, restaurant and bar professional, and craft beverage enthusiast. I love to hear stories, tell stories, and discover all the different ways humans connect in this wonderful world. Language is a social event, it brings us together, sometimes creates confusion and distress, and is so uniquely human. Interestingly, delicious fermented beverages do something similar.


Curriculum Vitae

Associate of General Studies – Macomb Community College 2011

Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy, Minor Linguistics – Wayne State University 2015

Master of Arts - Linguistics – Wayne State University Expected Graduation 2017

Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute at The University of Chicago 2015

Transformations: Graduate Anthropology Conference 2016 Speaker, “Speaking Craft Beverage: Building Power, Status, and Economy with Linguistic Capital”

Wayne State University Graduate Student Conference 2016 Poster Session, “Variation in African American Vernacular English: A Study of Three American Cities”

Global Movements, Local Stories: Diaspora, Migration, Representation; 14th Annual CMLLC Graduate Forum Conference 2016 Panel Speaker, “Variation in African American Vernacular English: A Study of Three American Cities”

Professional Organizations:

Linguistic Society of America member since 2014

Fermenta: Michigan Women’s Craft Collective member since 2014

Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Certified Mead Judge since 2015

American Homebrewers Association member since 2016