User'maat're Se'tepen'ra

User'maat're Se'tepen'ra

I'm I Philosopher, Truth-Seeker, Spiritualist, and a reader that never stop learining about everything. Most mankind species won't listen, talk or put into their's opinion with no knowledge about themselves.

"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, Ignorance." Socrates 469-399 B.C.E. So, put your opinions into my e-mail with a question or a answer, then WE will go into more knowledge about your questions and answers.

The name Kenneth Everett Burrell, Jr. was giving to that name in this world as a slave name. Nickname is T’chaka; my father was calling me that name from the beginning of my life. T’chaka is the way those British spell my name, it was spell like Shaka. Shaka was the Zulu King in the 1800’s in Africa.

Knowledge was power, knowledge was the gnosis, and the gnosis was the science of the Mystery teachers (Nature) and the Masters of Sign language (hieroglyphs). Ignorance was most dire and deadly. How could one travel in the next world anymore than in this (world) without knowing the way?

Knowledge is of the first importance. In all his journeys and difficulties it is necessary for man to KNOW. It is by knowledge that he is lighted to find his way in the dark.

Knowledge is his lamp of light and his compass; to posses knowledge is to be
MASTER OF DIVINE POWERS AND MAGICAL WORDS. Ignorance would leave him a prey of Let's all sorts of liars in wait and cunning enemies.

I LOVE EVERYONE MANKIND that loves them; I give the DIVINE LOVE OF OUR GOD to everyone. There is no color, country, or governments, in our WORLD.