Ronnie Mcintosh

Hi.I am a 61 year old,former Dundee City Council,Parks Department Gardener.I worked for many years,in the Invergowrie,Longforgan,Liff,Fowlis,Lundie,Muirhead Areas,maintaining the Parks and Country churchyards.I was then latterly moved to Baxter Park to train the Apprentice Gardeners,before ending up at Duntrune Demonstration Garden,where i finished my working career i February,1998,due to the onset of an illness called Sjogren,s Syndrome.This illness eventually led to kidney failure,and i ended up commencing renal dialysis on April,2003.I was on dialysis for 6 years,until May,15th,2009,when i received the most precious gift of a cadacveric kidney transplant,from an extremely sad,unfortunate,40 year old man,who suddenly died of a massive brain haemorrhage,for myself,and another extremely fortunate individuals, to gain the supreme gift,of a second chance of life.During my 6 year spell on dialysis,i had to have my right leg amputated below the knee,due to gangrene,on May,2008.12 weeks later,on August 2008,i had to have my left leg amputated below the knee,again due to dialysis.This was caused by renal access difficulties,when my body kept rejecting all fistulas,created for dialysis access.6 months after my kidney transplant,i commenceced "Race-Walk" training,which is heel, toe,contact with the ground,and a straight lead leg.I surprised myself by managing a measured mile in 20 minutes.If anyone logs into=== "Organ Transplant Recipient,Double Amputee Race-Walkers",then most of my achievements to date,are on view.I am currently "The Only Major Organ Transplant Recipient,Double Amputee Race-Walker In The World".I am married to my lovely wife Cecilia,who at 67 years of age,competes regularly in half marathons and 10k events.We also own 2 lovely wee female staffordshire bull terrier doggies,who are not vicious,as rumours suggest.I will strive to do my best in life,in honour of the 40 year old man,who gave me the greatest gift possible,== A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE.