Timothée Legodec

"You, small business, yes you who innovate, encircle you and you will grow. "

They are maybe not the words of a great author on economics, entrepreneurship and innovation, but everyone has the right to have his vision and this is mine.

Accompany an entrepreneur not just be with him, answer questions and advise. Accompany it is open to him all conceivable doors to allow him to think differently and move towards what is impossible, unthinkable for him, but that is not reality.

It is important to make him open his eyes, regardless of psychology. We must make the curious on what not interested. Confront it with other eyes, outside, give him advice to allow himself to have a new look, and this throughout the project.

Give autonomy but do not give him the right solution. You have to give him ideas, suggestions, over his questions and let the search for solutions independently. I'm not paid to do, I'm not a service provider but a consultant who help, advise.

Passionate about innovation and the entrepreneurial world, it is a network that is around me. I learn by talking with other advisors, with specialist, with company head and by training. It is really important to build a network in this world. My network is the enterprise network, I give access to my network, to make partnerships, to find solutions to answer questions. The key to the success of my work is to play the role of hyphen and lend my network in the best way possible.

You who have ideas in head, come to consultant who will permits maybe to your idea to ​​become a real creation of sustainable business.

We, accompanying innovation, remain attentive innovators, creators, regardless of their psychology or their past, helping them go through their dreams.