Leha T Nguyen

Houston, Texas, United States

I was born in Da Nang Viet Nam. I work as massage therapist, love my work and love to give and receive massage, I work long hours from time to time but I do not mind because I have earned some money for savings, pay bills and for gas and food, movies. I love being independence, being able to stand on my two own feet. I enjoyed friend's company and chic chat or go out with my co workers for lunch or after work diner. I love to be able to take a vacation with my friend. I just took a week off from work to meet my best friend in CA. It was great three days relaxing time for both of us. I then flied to Vegas for a World Massage Festival to learn about lymphatic drainage for four days. I love my immediate family members, they are the source of my life. They are always there for me. when I am at the lowest of my life. They always give me support, hope and

shelter. I love all my parents, sisters and brothers,

  • Work
    • massage therapist
  • Education
    • assaociate degree in business management