Samuel Lehrer

Sam Lehrer is the founder and CEO of MedLaser Depot, Off Lease Laser and the Laser Repair Depot. These companies provide a cost-effective efficiency to the medical laser industry with repair, replacement and refurbishing services. This saves medical professionals the costs of completely replacing an older version of a laser and, instead, allows them the opportunity to have it examined and refurbished to suit current standards.

The introduction of laser technology continues to pave way for experimentation with new procedures. The precision of the laser means surgeons can operate with a correctness that would be otherwise impossible using traditional tools.
Sam Lehrer’s connections and depth of relationships within the industry, allows him to choose the best equipment for resale. This ensures that clients receive the highest quality equipment available on today's market. The companies also work on individual requests for specific pieces of equipment. Many buyers have specific requirements that may not be met with current/immediate inventory status. They also have the ability to search for specific requests.

Lasers are an integral part of medical advancement. With continuing advancement in laser technology, laser-based procedures will only become more available, affordable and effective