I dont really like the term artists, i dont think what i do is in the lines of “artists” like Dali or will. For me an artist is synonomous with master of a craft. What i do is pretty how much i am orin other words i only do what i want and feel worth doing. I wasbrought up in switzerland with asian parents. So already clash of western and eastern ideologies and values, thats already a catalyst on paper for developing a common ground philosophy to follow. I never felt a yearning like i was meant to be a musician because i had the resources to do anything.I went to a private school called aiglon college filled with the worlds most affluent families, but after few years i developed a reluctance to the way of life and needed an outlet. So i picked up an instrument, with the help of my aspergers guitar as well as every thing i learnt except for art actually was all abit ofjoke. So i developed this craving for topics or things thathadto have had a lot of detai, in otherwordsaworld of things ihad no clue about. Music,physics,business, cooking, film, philosphy, u name it. At the time of applying to colleges i did very well in sats eventhough thats not what they taught in a british school in swtizerland but decided to go music school to get way from doing”pointless shit” what i mean by pointless wasnt always subjective for me i used to think theres only black and white and whatever is hardest is worth doing. I now at the end of school have developed programming, compostition, and pretty much the hardest things they do offer. The way i think is very ironic once i broke the schools record of credits and As and whatever, i was a quest of happiness without the dependance of materialism or anything. In other words buddhist ways. From all the programming and comp i did i figured alot of about philosophy and read a lot of pyschology. Trust me everything is related to everything, programming an oscillator in csound has direct correlation with how people act. Anyways to sum up my left brain was smart enough to make a right brain self aware enough to push back the left which was diminished to non existent by the asian philosphies of childhood etc. All the things i love to do have basically lasted because i feel they arent pointless and contribute to others and are harmless. Whatever i did i

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