Lei Sun

10+ years of hands on product development and engineering experiences from early startups to mature companies. A self-driven, versatile and extremely hands-on utility man, worked with experienced leaders through many product and engineering life cycles.

I focus on all things data related, from understanding a business question to delivering the actionable insights. (Experiments design, instrumentation/metrics collection, real time data pipelines, data warehouse, analytics, business intelligence, and data mining, etc.)

I can help you on a/b testing, email/viral/ads campaign optimization, user behavior analysis, product optimization & monetization, funnel optimization, ads targeting, lead generation and lead consumption.

Currently working for

My own thing

Use to work for

Outright Data Insights - All things data

Netflix Customer Aquisition

Yahoo! Frontpage - Ads, Recommendation, Real Time Analytics

Qualys QualysGuard - Security OnDemand