leia organa

student in the United States

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hi i'm mahaa thanks for checking out my kin account! my main is @startoursfic ( might be @starkmvp right now ) and i'm 16 and a student

do not follow if you:

-are homo/trans/islamophobic

-are anti kin

-vague about me

below are my kins, note that i am totally okay with doubles as i believe in mutli verses, red are mains and blues are secondary.

🔴 leia organa star wars

🔴 caroline forbes the vampire diaries

🔴 padme amidala star wars

🔴 emma swan once upon a time

🔴 tony stark marvel cinematic universe

🔴 gaston beauty and the beast

🔵 isabelle lightwood the mortal instruments

🔵 remus lupin harry potter

🔵 nancy wheeler stranger things

DM me "hey lace!" and i'll accept you / if you want to know who i've found or who i'm looking for just ask, i'm up to talking about canons with just about anyone