Queen Leia Lewis


Lovingly known by many as Queen Leia and The Sankofa Lady, Ms. Leia Lewis, M.A., M.A.T., is a Joyful Teacher, Success Strategist, Soulful Speaker, Artist, Author, Healer, and Mother who teaches people to reconnect to and express their inner genius.

The meaning of Sankofa (an Akan proverb and cultural symbol from Ghana, Africa) is to go back and and reclaim something of value. For Queen Leia, this philosophy is a reminder to return to the heart. There, at the center, one finds purpose, passion, and self-permission to grow, again and again!

With more than 20 years experience as an arts administrator, cultural worker, nonprofit leader, and entrepreneur, Queen Leia is accomplished at community building, concept development, program design and implementation, strategic collaboration and flourising in her calling.

Her work includes -

Founding Producer of Maafa New Orleans - a sacred cultural commemoration and modern tradition in the Big Easy, which honors the legacy of the Middle Passage and the enduring influence of African Diasporic people in Louisiana, the USA, and world.

Founding Director of Sankofa Gardens - a community based learning campus and community gardens that is an oasis of creativity, fresh food, health, and hope.

Award Winning Teacher - Queen Leia is proud to be a public school teacher certified in English Language Arts, Visual Arts, and School Leadership. She has been celebrated as Teacher of the Week and Teacher of the Year. She has shared her innovative instructional and writing methodoogy with The ELA RAPP Strategy that has uplifted hundreds of students and classroom educators.

Last but not least, Queen Leia Lewis is CEO of Beautiful and Sacred Things - a global online sisterhood community and personal development lifestyle company that supports Spiritual Women to boldly expand and prosper as their divine expression.

For her authenticity, inspirational style, intuitive knowing and brilliant dedication to creating a better world, Leia's beloved community sings her praises.

Colleagues, collaborators, clients, and students testify:

Leia Lewis is a Light Bringer, The Queen of Green, and The Next Great Educator. She gives glory to The Most High and Honor to her Great Ancestors for carrying her forward!


Are you seeking inner clarity, sacred guidance, and inspired solutions to prosper in your zone of genius?

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