Rabbi Leib Tropper

New York

2013 Rabbi Leib Tropper to give interview on process of ordination

Last week a group of Rabbonim from the Tri-state area had a meeting and an interview on the Process of Rabbinic ordination.

Rabbi Leib Tropper who has earned 4 ordinations from Leading Rabbonim including the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem ,Rav Zolty, ob’m has had a variety of internalized experience as to the expectation and meaning of Rabbinic ordination.

Most of the interview revolves around the past experience of Rabbi LeibTropper.

A story of a personal Ordination

Q- Rabbi Leib Tropper:Who was the first Rav you approached for ordination?

Rabbi Leib Tropper :The first Rav I approached is a well known Gadol in Torah an Halacha who lives in bnei brak. He grew up in the home of the
Chazon ish,zt’l. He questioned me on 3 volumes of Shulchan Oruch Yoreh Deah and most parts of shulchan aruch Orach Chaim as he acknowledges in his ordination certificate.

Q- Rabbi Leib Tropper: How Long was the test ?

Rabbi Leib Tropper : It went for 2 days. The first day and 5hrs the second day.

Q- Rabbi Leib Tropper:Who was the next Rav you went to for ordination?

Rabbi Leib Tropper:The Great gaon ,the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rav Harav Betzalel Zolty,ob’m.

Q- Rabbi Leib Tropper: What kind of Test Did he give?

Rabbi Leib Tropper:Rav Zolty,ob’m was what we call a “no nonsense” Rav. He had this imperious look and stentorian voice. I was asked questions for for 6 & 1/2 hrs.

Q- Rabbi Leib Tropper:Who was the next Rav you went to?

Rabbi Leib Tropper: A friend of mine was able to set up an appointment with Maran Harav ovadia,shlita. He was encouraged by the ordination I received from Rav Zolty,zt’l. He asked me Ten questions at a time then another ten…this went on until I answered 65 questions, albeit not everyone correctly.

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Rabbi Leib Tropper Reminisces About the lower east side in the Early 60's.
Rabbi Leib Tropper begins:
In the Lower East