Israel C. Leichtman

Consultant and Trainer in Chicago, Illinois

Israel C. Leichtman

Consultant and Trainer in Chicago, Illinois

Highly-skilled, professional educator with a strong technical background. Award winning speaker who coaches speakers and trainers. Developer of written and multimedia instructional materials. Educator of all ages from elementary school to seniors who are young at heart.

As part of Toastmasters, I won awards for my speeches and received the Advance Communicator Bronze Award.

Looking for opportunities to share my knowledge through public speaking and giving workshops.


Early on I became fascinated with computer technology and education. My dream was always to be a teacher and to know everything about computers. I started off in elementary school education, teaching lower elementary students the nuts and bolts of Hebrew grammar.

I now do Adult education, giving instructor-led classes on the fine art of Talmudic analysis. I developed a curriculum and designed instructional content and assessments that create a positive educational environment.


I work with people to help them get the most from technology. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and inspiring people. I am also a lifelong learner, always eager to improve my skills, abilities and learn from best practices.

Technology trainer, workshop facilitator, learning designer, innovative content creator,


•Explaining obtuse technical terms in easy to understand English.

•Innovative problem solving that provide real world solutions.

•Careful listening that inspires creativity and ideation.

•Award winning speaking style that positively impacts participants and inspires them to action.

•Savvy with Technology, utilizing Adobe Photoshop, NLE Video Editing, Audacity, Wordpress and MS Access.

•A love for learning, constantly reading to further personal development

Specialties: Adult education, workshop facilitation, public speaking, writing, research, thought provoking questions, blogging, Social Media Marketing, masterminding, analysis, coaching and developing instructional materials.

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